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Our Business Process Management Service is a three fold offering which includes Process Discovery, Process Mapping and Process Improvement.  As a part of this service we also provide a process inventory that you can use to manage any changes in your organization's processes going forward.  Here is a short explanation of what each of our 3 process management packages can add to your organization.

Business Process Discovery is typically where an organization starts when it decides to invest in formalizing their business processes.  The goal of the discovery phase is to figure out what the processes actually are that underpin your organization.  The work constitutes meeting with key personnel in the organization, interviewing them and compiling a list of the processes that they and their teams perform to do their jobs.  The benefits that you might realize as a result of doing this kind of work is an overall assessment of what your business does along with any gaps in your business that might need to be filled to increase performance and efficiency.  You can also begin to identify areas in your business that are at risk because of single points of failure.  If you want to document some of the processes from this list in greater detail, this first phase offers the opportunity to also prioritize which processes would be candidates for process mapping our second business process management offering.

Business Process Mapping consists of identifying and documenting key aspects of a specific business process identified in the process discovery phase of work.  This includes diagramming the process using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) industry standard which allows you to show process triggers, process actors, process flow including decisions, process ending states and many other important details.  During this phase the work is typically completed through workshops in which the teams that do these processes every day get together and provide all of these details for documentation.  Detailed work instructions for each process step are also discussed and documented.  This is then collated into a Process Mapping which consists of the BPMN diagram and all corresponding documentation to describe what that diagram is saying in great detail.  The final output of this work is something we call the "as-is" model which is exactly what it sounds like; a model of what your organization's processes are today.  This then leads into our final Business Process Management offering which is Business Process Improvement.

Business Process Improvement uses the "as-is" model of your organization to then begin to discuss how you might consider doing what you currently do better.  This ultimately results in what is called the to "to-be" model of your organization.  There are many ways that a business process can be improved.  You can assess performance improvements by analyzing how much time it takes a team to complete each step of a process flow and then investigate why some steps may be taking longer than expected.  You can identify key aspects of your business processes that would benefit from some sort of automation.  You can identify areas of your business that do the same process flow in different ways and decide to standardize in the areas that make sense.  You can also identify process steps not currently running in parallel that could run in parallel to decrease the amount of time it takes to complete a task.  Lots of times when you save time you also end up saving money.  There are many other things to consider for your process improvements.

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